3 Easy Home Updates Potential Buyers Will Love

Posted by Todd Haltom on Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018 at 12:46pm.

Not only is selling your home a daunting task, but preparing your home to sell is a huge undertaking. There are little changes that can make a huge impact on potential buyers, and can even increase the value of your home! Here are a few that you should do right now.

1. Take A Minimalist Approach

Organizing and decluttering are the first steps you should take. Start by clearing out closets, drawers and cabinets. Having these areas clean and organized will have a huge impact on potential buyers. Optimize the use of the storage you have or create your own! Shelves are a great addition to any room or closet and can even be used for decor. Make the most of the space you have by clearing floors. This can make a room appear much bigger than it is.


2. Tackle The Kitchen & Bathrooms

Now is the time to deep clean the areas you may have been avoiding. Repainting adds ambiance and brightens up any room. Adding new tile and changing cabinet hardware can also make a huge impact. This will give these spaces a luxurious, sleek, and modern feel at a low cost! If you have more time on your hands, consider painting your kitchen cabinets.


3. Let There Be Light

A huge factor for buyers is natural light and ambiance. Deep clean and open up your windows to provide fresh air and light—creating instant space. 

Don’t have natural light? You can add fixtures such as floor, table, and ceiling lights. Remember to purchase high quality LED bulbs that are consistent throughout the entire home. Adding mirrors can also be a huge help to amplify the light in any room.

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